Broken Springs

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Garage Door Broken Springs

Broken Springs repair in North BendIs your garage door’s performance suffering? It could possibly be broken or damaged springs. Are you having trouble or problems with your garage door? If you are, we are able to repair any problem related to your garage door in no time. Taking care of broken springs is painless and can keep your garage door system from being damaged further. 

Our specialists know exactly what to do in each of these situations, they know everything about fixing garage doors and openers. They are even able to restructure whole garage doors if needed. Don’t waste any more time, just call us.

Torsion Springs

Broken Springs RustedIf your garage door is not working as it used to work, it might be time to check what’s going on inside your garage door. Most of the time it might be a small problem but sometimes is something a little bit bigger. Springs have a period of life and if you see that they look rusted or irregular you should call professionals like us. We will take a look at them and will figure out the condition they are in. If any company tells you that their springs will last forever, it’s a complete lie. All springs will certainly break or stop working  maybe some will last longer than others but they will definitely not last forever. So don’t waste your money in lies and give us a call so we can solve your problem. If the springs are too rusty and old they should be replaced, both of them to re-calibrate the system.

Extension Spring

Broken Springs Repair

In this picture you will notice the broken springs, things like this example, and even just damaged ones can break your entire garage door system. As we already said, the replacement should be done for both of the springs so the system can be re-calibrated. Call the experts at North Bend Garage Door Express Repair Service if you need replacements or assistance.

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